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5 Products You Need This Spring

5 Products You Need This Spring

These are our Spring 21' must-haves.

As the weather warms, it means transitioning to lighter products. Here are some of our picks:

1. Agender Oil -- Noto -  This long-lasting, ultra hydrating body oil will have you coming back for more. Key ingredients include, hemp seed oil which can assist in hair growth and vetiver which offers anti-inflammatory qualities. Agender Oil also doubles as a hair oil and can be applied to your dry ends or used as a treatment.

2. Blue Aura Cleansing Water -- Odacite - This no-rinse formula is an easy way to cleanse. Ingredients like witch hazel and salicylic acid are known for their ability to combat acne and reduce inflammation on the skin. This product is perfect for morning and night. Whether you're removing makeup or prepping your skin for foundation, the Blue Aura Cleansing Water is something everyone needs. 

3. Refresh Face Mist -- Linne -   Refresh can be used to boost your skins hydration during the day and can also be the perfect prep for your serum. Contains ingredients known to reduce inflammation, minimize pores, promote elasticity, suppresses bacterial infection, oxygenate and protect cell health.

4.  Cacao Face Mask -- Josh Rosebrook - This is truly a mask for all skin types. The ultra gentle formula is rich in antioxidants known to help slow skin cell decline and assist in collagen production to increase elasticity and luminosity. 

5. Hydra Highlighter Stick -- Noto - Warmer weather usually means less makeup. The hydra highlighter offers that glow you're looking for. Filled with organic ingredients that act as skincare first, this is the all around good glow product. 

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