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Conversation with Lisa O'Connor

Conversation with Lisa O'Connor

We had the opportunity to dive into all that is Lisa O'Connor, the founder of A Radiant Life. This vibrant, brave and honest woman has so much to share with the world and we are honoured to have had the chance to work with her.

Here is our conversation with Lisa:

Why is self-healing important?

Self - healing is important as we’ve been programmed to believe that every single thing is outside of Us, and while I absolutely 1000% believe in support, and guidance, our greatest power lies within. If we don’t own this power, we will constantly be seeking the most important person, ourselves.

What was it like rediscovering your life? 

A breath of fresh air. Prana, Life Force, the truest essence of life can renew us in each breath. Rediscovering anything is coming back to each breath, and being in the moment, it’s truly all we have.

What would you tell people who might be experiencing darkness? 

That it will pass. Nothing is permanent, everything is constantly evolving, healing, growing and transforming. Nature mirrors this to us perfectly. While winter can seem endless, we know for certain that spring always comes, we don’t doubt it, it’s an innate knowing.

You are no different, you will bloom again.

What is the most important thing you remind yourself daily? 

Kindness is a superpower. I’m naturally a very optimistic person, but with the world going through a deep healing and transformation, holding peace and kindness for the world, humans, and events sometimes takes a good daily reminder of my truth. 

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