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Conversation with Sara Rossetto

Conversation with Sara Rossetto

Welcome to a glimpse of Sara Rossetto. We hope you enjoy.

1. In what moment did you know that holistic healing was the key to improving your health and well-being? 

I've had a long journey of navigating my physical and mental health. Around age 14 I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition which didn't seem to improve with the help of Western medicine so I sought out alternatives. Yoga, Nutrition and Acupuncture have been a huge part of my life since a teen. After culinary school I went on to study Holistic Nutrition as I wanted to deepen my knowledge and begin to help others. When diagnosed with Lyme disease a few years ago, I initially tried the mainstream treatment, which again, wasn't the level of healing I knew was possible. I've been doing Bee Venom Therapy for the last year and a half which has given me the deepest and most profound healing I could have ever imagined.

2. How are you staying well during Covid-19? 

 Keeping up with the foundations of health/wellness that are part of my lifestyle.  Time in nature, sunshine, clean water, cooking wholesome meals, my daily kundalini practice and prioritizing deep soul connections. Whenever I find myself feeling overwhelmed or stressed I always come back to my breath. 

3. How and when did astrology enter your life? 

Astrology entered my life when I hit rock bottom.  I was struggling deeply with my health, and went through a difficult breakup at the same time. I was searching for answers as to what my next steps would be and also wanted to gain a deeper understanding of myself and why I had to go through what I was going through. I found all of that and more in astrology and have been studying it little by little since.

 4. Tell us more about Moon Talk Mag.

Moon Talk was created out of my love of astrology. I wanted others to experience the magic of the cosmos and moon cycles and benefit from them in the same way that I have. I wanted to keep it simple for people that think astrology is too woo woo and confusing because I know it can seem intimidating at first. I wanted to create a sense of connection to something greater than us because of how isolated I know a lot of people can feel right now. I collaborated with an amazing group of women that are featured on our website -- 

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