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A Conversation with Vancouver Based Artist, Kate Richard

A Conversation with Vancouver Based Artist, Kate Richard

We hope you enjoy these conversation pieces as much as we do. With so much change and development in the world, we cannot help but ask how others are staying well, managing change, educating themselves and so much more. Welcome to our first and definitely not last conversation.

What are you doing to keep yourself well?

Kate: I’ve been trying to be more present in the moment. Slowing down, being gentle with myself and engaging in mindful activities like gardening, running and spending time in the great outdoors. 


What are you listening to?

 Kate: Rotating between Beverly Glenn Copeland & Shintaro Sakamoto 


Whats motivating you right now? 

Kate: @janayathefuture ‘s Sunday sermon videos 💞 


2020 Goal?

Kate: I think my goal for 2020 is honestly trying to not have a goal. The western way of thinking has engrained this idea of progress in us that we must constantly be productive. I am currently challenging myself to slow down and ‘go with the flow’ in both my design work and personal life.






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