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Interview with Carter Reid

Interview with Carter Reid

We had the pleasure of speaking with the most beautiful of souls, Carter Reid. Her deeply rooted knowledge and experience in holistic nutrition and self-care are why we continue to have an immense amount of admiration for this fellow Canadian and entrepreneur. We urge you to join The Wellness Practice community as the education you will gain will prove to be invaluable. We hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we do.  For more information on Carter Reid, you can follow: @thewellnsspractice & @carterreid on Instagram. 


It seems like The Wellness Practice started during a monumental moment in your life, what was that shift and how did it feel?

Yes. That shift was the heavy, truthful and an extremely distracting thought that 'wow, life is short. you are only here for a brief blimp in time. What do you want it to mean and how do you want to impact the humans around you? Something about this current path feels untrue and incomplete. You need to connect with the rest of yourself.'  I think it's so important, now more than ever, that we realize how important it is to connect with all the parts of us, and return to our authenticity as individuals. I believe the world's evolution and potential depends on each of us following our own unique and authentic paths, connecting with one another, doing what we love and find joy in, and doing it in service to others. Life is very short and all too often, we realize how simple it is towards the end of it. We all have very unique stories, and because of that, what we have to offer is also incredibly unique. There comes a point when you must decide if the fear of putting yourself out there is greater than the impact you could potentially have on others in doing so. Our purpose is heavily connected and tied to our story, which we are constantly uncovering and gaining deeper insight into as we go through and experience life. So for me, it was time to deepen my journey further into myself. For many years, I had pushed aside my goals, dreams, ideas, etc., because of fear, other people and in the recent years, responsibility. This time, it seemed as though forces greater than me, were aligning in a way that created a slight opening of opportunity, so to speak. It felt, in a very truthful and forceful way, that it was time. Creating TWP has been more than simply a brand and practice, it is a coming home for women. A coming home for me, all the women in my life and, hopefully, a coming home for the women I've yet to meet.  

What is your muse? 

Salem, my son. He is my muse, my blessing, my angel. He keeps me grounded and growing. I'm so grateful for all that my experience mothering him has taught me and continues to teach me. I also find inspiration in my self-connection practices and in nature. Any type of connection opens a doorway to inner knowledge and wisdom, through which I draw inspiration.  

What are you learning about right now?

I love this question, it makes my heart beam! I am currently diving into the wonderful world of neuroscience, specifically Neuroplasticity. Extremely fascinating. Confirming that anything is, in fact, possible.

What would you tell your younger self?

To slow down, breathe, and look within. That everything I want will be possible but perhaps not through the ways in which I am so attached to and fixated on; to remain open to different routes to the same destination. That all people and things are forever changing. That the decisions you may need to make, while following the process, are doorways leading to new and unforeseen opportunities, which will take you further along your path, and not a just a fixed destination. To respect the process. That you are your one and only home and the most important relationship you could ever hope to have, through which all things are possible. Further, nothing you seek externally- people, places or things, will lead you home to yourself. That the way forward and towards the light is through the darkness, not around it. And, that there is wisdom in generational trauma, there is pain, but beyond the pain is wisdom, waiting for you to find purpose through it. Lastly, that gratitude, purpose and service are important themes in life. 

Favourite ritual during your day?

My morning ritual, which includes my self-care, meditation, journal, movement and reading practices. 

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