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Winter Skin Care

Winter Skin Care

The colder months ahead bring low humidity which in turn can cause dry, brittle skin. It's important to keep in mind some tips and tricks to help your skin stay hydrated throughout the winter. 

1. Adjust your skincare routine

The change in seasons should mean a slight change in skincare products. The key to healthy winter skin is to substitute some of your lighter creams for richer moisturizers and/or choose gentle cleansers that contain ingredients known to aid in sebum production to avoid stripping your skin of its natural moisture barrier.

Sore lips are also common during the winter months. Outdoor activities like skiing can result in sun burnt lips due to overexposure with minimal coverage. Look for nourishing lip balms with ingredients that can can help protect against UV rays. 

2. Stay hydrated

The dry winter air has a tendency to pull moisture from your skin and body. Maintaining hydration can be in the form of swapping your morning coffee for an antioxidant rich green tea, while other options can include the addition of a humidifier to manage moisture levels in your home. 

3. Don't forget SPF

Enjoying the outdoors is essential but even in the winter months you can be vulnerable to sun damage. Ensure that during your winter activities you are covering up and use SPF to avoid the damaging affects of UV rays. 

4. Protect your hands 

Hands have always been at high risk of becoming chapped but now more than ever with excessive hand washing and over sanitizing in full swing, it's important to stay equipped with hand creams and moisture rich cleansers. This will help keep dry, cracked knuckles at bay.  


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Image: @mystateof____ instagram

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