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Winter Self - Care Box #1

How to use

The perfect gift for you or someone you love.


What's inside: 

The Wash - Noto Botanics 

Face + Hands + Body + Hair

One Gentle product for ALL of your dirty parts. Just add water for a subtle foaming wash that dually acts as a gentle soap and oil cleanser.  Removing dirt, bacteria, and other unwanted elements, while replacing the moisture with a specially curated group of essential oils. It's fresh scent will leave you feeling anew.  Great for all skin types including sensitive

Body Oil - F.Miller 

A luxurious, skin-fortifying blend of moisture-replenishing botanicals designed to soften, smooth, tone, and instantly hydrate. This energizing, nutrient-rich formula absorbs deeply to balance and regenerate, heal damage, and revive dullness while promoting microcirculation and improved elasticity. Both a protective elemental-defense treatment and potent moisturizer that leaves a lasting luminous glow.

Nourish Lip Balm - Linné Botanicals 

Apply as needed to nourish and protect dry, chapped and cracked lips. Contains anti-inflammatory, antifungal, anti-bacterial and antioxidant-rich ingredients. Regular application of NOURISH may help protect against UV and other environmental damage.

Set of 4 Organic Cotton Reusable Produce Bags

Set of 4 organic cotton reusable produce bags. Perfect for the farmers market and grocery store.

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